Welcome at CorpoNet, the global network for IT professionals in housing.

CorpoNet was founded (as NetwIT) in 2001. At this moment the network has 175 members in The Netherlands, representing a total of 1,9 million homes (units). In all of The Netherlands the total number of rental units owned by social and commercial housing organizations is 2,4 million.

The objectives of CorpoNet are to provide its members in The Netherlands and abroad with information, knowledge and best practices; to exchange information and experiences on benchmarking of IT-costs, to publish relevant information and to organize conferences and study tours. CorpoNet will facilitate its members to participate in joint projects and to stimulate global collaboration.

Member benefits

  • You stay up-to-date in the field of IT in housing;
  • You will be facilitated and stimulated to exchange ideas, experiences and best practices;
  • You can join events especially for IT-professionals in housing;
  • You get relevant and up-to-date information about conferences and presentations
  • We inform you about the publication of books, reports and (outcome of) studies;
  • Global (hybrid) round table sessions, study tours or site visits are organized;
  • You can take note of the summarized outcome of the annual Total Cost of Ownership study.

Member details
Membership for (worldwide) IT-professionals in housing is free of charge. We only ask you to provide us with some information about yourself, your organization and the IT-systems within your organization.

More information?
Please contact Henk Korevaar at +31 6 54 338 773, via or via Skype: henkkorevaar.