The book on Business and IT architecture (2010) was the basis for what is now known as CORA, the Housing Associations Reference Architecture model (also available in English). A few years ago a project in Wales initiated the development of the first English version of CORA. During the International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam in June 2017 CorpoNet organized a workshop in which the UK project to develop a first official version of CORA was presented. CORA describes not only the (for most housing associations identical) business processes in detail, but also the data elements in use within these processes. CorpoNet/International aims to become the platform for the further development and dissemination of the CORA model(s) worldwide.

The book on Cost and Benefit of IT (2009) is based on the annual IT Total Cost of Ownership benchmark as conducted since 2001.
Just like the CORA, the topic of (international) benchmarking of IT TCO was presented during a workshop, hosted by CorpoNet, during the International Social Housing Festival in 2017. At this moment interested housing associations outside The Netherlands are contacted in order to find out if there is enough interest to start an international benchmark (aimed at bench-LEARNING). Countries interested so far are: Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Taiwan and the United States.